Within the AMC approach VALID stands for Verified Asset Logistics Information Domain. The VALID Portal contains essential information for controlling and managing the asset management process. VALID is ISO 55000 compliant and is arranged according to the Plan-Do-Check-Act circle and it supports conceps such as; improvement management and the learning organization. By playing VALID Game you will experience how this works and what it involves. There are now two versions namely the; Web Game and Board Game.








VALID Web Game is perfect to gain more insight in terms of structuring information and recognizing it. In the standard application, it is based on the information structure (sitemap) of an asset management information system of an offshore wind farm. In addition, a list of 56 related information cards are given. The game element is to maximize the score by placing the cards on the proper position, on the board, and that within the shortest possible time. 


VALID Web Game is developed in the Unity game engine, which is an generic game engine. For example, VALID Web Game can be adjusted to organization specific situations, but the development of other serious games, e.g. in the field of risk management, for example, also belongs to the possibilities.


VALID Web Game can be played for free at:


VALID Board Game was developed as a board game to support a workshop or training, in the field of information management. Again, the basis is the information structure (sitemap) of an Asset Management Information System of an Offshore Wind Farm, which is a large board of 2.7 x 1.8 meter, placed on a table. In addition, there are 64 related information sources given as being physical 'information cards' that are presented to the participants on serving trays. The participants are divided into two teams, namely the 'controllers' and the 'managers'. The game starts after  a brief introduction. The challenge of the game is that the "managers" have to place the PLAN and DO information cards in the correct positions and the 'controllers' must do this for the CHECK and ACT info cards. A number of "false" information cards give the game an extra dimension and the team with the fewest mistakes wins the game.

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