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Experience the chances and threats that manifest at the Operations & Maintenance of a large offshore wind farm, 30 nautical miles from the coast of Den Helder. This is possible with the serious game of Amico Services. This ‘game’ revolves around practice in maintaining and managing capitalgoods in real life and is highly interesting for companies, which are depending on capital assets and operate in sectors such as: welfare, civil engineering, manufacturing and petrochemical industries, transport by air and sea, defense, energy, public transportation, etc. For all these companies, managing their assets in a cost-effective way is of vital importance.

Using models and researches that have been developed over decades, Amicoservices developed a tool that allows users of it to train, control or refresh their knowledge and skills on the area of Asset Management Control or design strategies that otherwise require a lot of time and financial means. It will be made clear to the players that an effective functioning Life Cycle Management Team rests on teamwork. The interactive aspect is of great value to the players.

Since this system is so easily used through your own Internet browser this can all be done in your own, trusted environment.

Participants of the gamesessions (3-18 people) form the Life Cycle Management Team. The LCM Team exists of; an Asset Control Team, an Asset Management Team and an Asset Service Team. These three Expert Teams decide over the Operations and Maintenance based upon collective consultation. The team will choose for a certain focus during maintenance with so called 'year scenario's'.

The Expert Team with the highest score at the end, wins the session. The Total Score is based on the collective score and decides where the session is ranked in the Overall Ranking List.

Victory is achieved anyway due to the unique experience of working in a Life Cycle Management Team; the cooperation that is required to reach the long term goal and gaining understanding about different Maintenance Concepts. Last but not least this game let's you get used to an Asset Management Information System based on portal technology.

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