P3 Portal / VALID+

The P3 Portal is a SharePoint portal in which all organizational processes are documented and made available to employees of an organization. It is often necessary to use multiple procedures to execute one process. These procedures are stored within the P3 portal along with all related information like; blueprints, step-by-step guides, regulations etc. Once added to the P3 portal, procedures are linked to their respective processes. Each individual process is evaluated based on the goal it serves and what product(s) it produces. By linking these three P’s (Processes, Products & Procedures) a user can quickly retrieve all necessary information related to a process.

A procedure within the P3 portal should contain all necessary information related to its execution. It is possible that the execution of a procedure must adhere to strict guidelines. These guidelines often have related documentation that can be stored within the P3 portal. In some cases the execution of a procedure requires certified employees and the P3 portal therefore supports the linking of specific educations and training modules to guidelines.

Ultimately, the P3 portal offers a structured approach to linking and displaying all relevant process information to users. The P3 portal can be implemented as a stand-alone portal solution but is often integrated into a VALID portal environment.

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