PRIMA stands for PRocess IMprovement Application and is provided as a web application. There is a PRIMA spreadsheet available, this is a simple Microsoft Excel document usually used during demo's at an AMC introduction or workshop or when performing an AMC context analysis.

PRIMA is a ready-to-go web application to examine company processes to improve them when neccesary. An organization only has to provide organization-specific information and PRIMA will take care of the rest (like mathematical models and databases). Using a generic step-by-step approach PRIMA is tuned for your specific processes. Maintenance, management and updating the PRIMA application can be done by AMICO Services if so desired. 

Implementing PRIMA has the following advantages:

  • Thorough analysis of the level of Asset Management in your organization;
  • Providing an overview of organization-specific bottlenecks;
  • Advice about an optimal improvement route;
  • Direct links to (TQM) standards that support that improvement;
  • Working on durable Life-Cycle Management.

PRIMA is based on the Total Quality Management (TQM) approach combined with the Demming Circle (Plan, Do, Check, Act). This makes sure PRIMA usually compliments Asset Management related company processes very well. The PRIMA application consists of 4 main components as the illustration below demonstrates.

Continuous Improvement Management by PRIMA

PRIMA falls under the category of 'Management Support Applications' and is the ideal tool for 'Continuous Improvement Management' or supporting 'improvement management'. This is usually done in combination with one of the AMC partners who have knowledge about organizations and the PRIMA application and it's possible uses.

A generic PRIMA approach has been developed for Asset Management Control that compliments ISO-9001 and INK standards. The System Matrix contains 16 function areas that together cover the entire AMC domain.

The Quick Scan Module covers 10 process related questions per function area. An indication of the level of AMC thinking and acting within an organization is made based on these questions.

Based on these results the Check List Module provides possible points of improvement per function area, which automatically leads to an improvementplan that can be customized based on the current situation and can serve as input for a new Plan, Do, Check, Act cycle.

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