System Cost Effectiveness Indicator / VALID+

Following several research assignments for developing Asset Management related Critical Performance Indicators (CPI) the System Cost-effectiveness Indicator (SCI) was developed. 

This SCI module has two functions. It is capable of informing all involved parties about the progress towards reaching materiel related goals and it makes everyone involved in this proces aware of the needed effort to reach this goal. In other words the budget assigned to AMC and how much of that is spend i.e. including or excluding operator maintenance or an indication (in %) of the realized System Effectiveness compared to the agreed upon System Effectiveness (set as the 100% baseline). This should not be a problem for most organizations, but real world situations prove otherwise.

Using the SCI as a management support application clarifies related CPI's leading to the desired organizational structure and information architecture.

Data from LCM models can be entered into AMICO, leading to a high-level overview of several different assets (see the illustration below).


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