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Integrated view on control

“Transparency from an integral viewpoint”

Utilizing an Integrated Management Approach, Asset Management Control views the Asset as centerpiece instead of the organization. The information domain is therefore based on Assets, which are viewed as technical systems. The goal of this system information is to provide constant transparency on 3 basic aspects:

  • Delivered (technical) performance;
  • Delivered functional performance compared with operational demands;
  • Costs (people, tools, resources).

AMICO stands for Asset Management Information & Communication. A platform of applications was developed for AMICO to integrate relevant Asset information. This integration ensures effective communication between Asset owners, users and maintenance personnel.

Information is the backbone of Asset Management Control. Several tools have been developed to support implementation-, analysis- and decision-processes. These applications can be offered as stand-alone or web-based applications and can also be integrated into organizational networks.

AMICO Services offers tools in the categories; Asset Control, Process Control and Business Support.

AMICO Services also offers the following web services:

  • Hosting – offering web servers and other web facilities;
  • Management – ensuring maximum availability for applications;
  • Made to measure – Setting up and adjusting of Portals and web-applications.
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